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African & American Women For Peace Empowerment & Culture Exchange

AAW-Peace is a global network of well-meaning professional women committed to accelerating the pace of socio-economic development in Liberia, through the implementation of women & girls focused programs in entrepreneurship, Education, arts and culture exchange.  It is our goal to expand the minds of young Liberians, by providing them the platform to experiment with innovative ideas, dream outside the box and grow above the confines of their present realities. We are driven by the fact that young girls, when empowered to think creatively and independently, can develop their own, self-directed exit plan from poverty and dependency mentality.


Women for girls: Build a Global network of professional women who will advocate for underprivileged Liberian girls development 

3Es (Engage Encourage Empower) |  A small business incubation program which identifies, selects, & commits tailored mentoring, financial support & exposure to new audiences & markets to 2 young women entrepreneurs each year with creative & innovative business ideas.  The program is designed to serve as a catalytic & enabling network for scalable businesses run by Liberian women between the ages of 18 - 35. 

Dare to Dream Program:  A culture exchange program that affords less fortunate girls with dreams an opportunity to travel outside of the country & gain exposure through training, leadership camps, internships etc.

Dare to Dream empowerment conference connects young people with outstanding local and international professionals of all type, (Entrepreneurs, diplomats celebrities, experts, etc), forming a unique platform for mentoring, networking and training.  It is strategically designed to mobilize youths specifically young women and girls  and build their capacity to catalyze change individually and collectively.

Culture Exchange  Programs: create partnerships that afford deserving liberian women interested  in the creative industries, the arts, fashion, design, media, tech, entrepreneurship a chance to travel abroad and experience a different cultural and professional environment.

Partnerships: To resourcefully identify & mobilize a worldwide network of multi-cultural, multi-level partnerships for the empowerment of Liberian young women and girls between the age of 14 -35

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